People often tell me that they can’t hear God. And I totally get that. Because quite often – I can’t either. There are many reasons for this but for me: it’s because I rarely shut up long enough to listen for his still quiet voice.

And that’s the biggest reason that I got my tattoo. I need a constant reminder to just park my junk; stop rambling and overdramatizing everything and to just be stills and listen.

This week I agreed to take on extra territories for my job and consequently had a big drive ahead of me today into Sydney city. It took me almost 2 hours so I had a lot of time to think and to over analyze pretty much everything about my life.

A truck overturned on the freeway this morning blocking off some of the roads I intended to take, so I ended up stuck in heavy traffic.  I turned on the radio and started listening to the what I think was a Christian radio station and I was thinking specifically about how lonely I feel lately and how much I really distrust men.
I’ve been hurt quite a lot and as hard as I try- I sometimes can’t seem to get past the anger and the hurt that I’m holding onto and then I started thinking about my Dad and how much I missed him. I started thinking about what a wonderful father he was and how loved he made me feel.

Right at that moment – the song playing on the radio had the lyrics “You’re never alone, I’m watching over you” and I looked up and noticed that I was driving through Strathfield which is where Dad lived as a 16 year old when he’d moved to the big city all by himself. And a tear rolled down my cheek.
I thought: “Wow, what a coincidence” but I sensed God say: “No”.


So I kept driving and the next time the song reached the chorus, the car behind me honked to tell me that the light had changed and I noticed in my read view mirror that there was a NSW Fire Brigade sticker on the man’s car – which meant that he was a fireman.


My Dad was a fireman too.


I recognized he sticker because Dad had the same one on his car – and the words: “You’re never alone; I’m watching over you” played on the radio again.


Then I started crying again and looked out the window and saw Ashfield fire station as the words played a third time for a final confirmation that none of this was a coincidence but a reminder that even when I’m at my lowest- and even when I feel like I’m drowning in hurt and pain- I am loved and I am being taken care of .
I think they key to recognizing God’s voice is remembering that He doesn’t shout at you.


He doesn’t necessarily speak in an audible human voice, but that He can use any situation- any incident im your life to remind you that you are loved and that He hasn’t forgotten about you. You just have to listen.


Dad in his fire brigade logo cap




One thought on “Coincidence  

  1. I love you and I love how you hear God. I know how much you miss your Dad. I’m so glad you were able to feel his love today when you felt so alone. Always holding you in prayer my precious friend. Xxxx

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